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    14. Illana Raia, CEO of Être Girls, helps girls figure out exactly who they want to be

03. Feminism and Flourishing on Your Own Terms

E3 S | Apr 24, 2020 | Duration: 00:41:12

03. Feminism and Flourishing on Your Own Terms
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About Episode

Hosted by: Jenny Maenpaa

Description: This week, Jenny has a fascinating conversation with Dr. Julia King about the connection between anxiety and GI symptoms and how to throw out the checkbox list of "shoulds" to create a life of authenticity and purpose.

✨Finding and living your true identity with no judgment. 1:57
👭Women are not always being champions for each other. 4.53
👫 Evolution of feminism: From anti-male to pro-everyone. 7.59
💪 Dr. Julia, a forensic psychologist working in the criminal justice system. 9.25
🧘 Overlap of psychology and psychotherapy with yoga philosophy. 11.21
👣A leap to Private Practice and Route To Flourish. 14.23
💡GI symptoms and approach Dr. Julia created. 18.16
🔗The enteric nervous system: anxiety can have a connection with our gut. 19.14
😊happiness in our choices: If life and career trajectory could be fluid and malleable.25.55
☝ Meaning of the word "Allow". 27.22
😱Living in the worst-case scenario reflects in our mental and emotional response. 29.58
😷Pandemic issues—don't go to a rabbit hole of despair. 33:28
🌸How to thrive and flourish during a time of crisis? 37.02
🙏Channel the gratitude for those things that are going right.38.05
🌱 and @roottoflourish 39.50

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