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    14. Illana Raia, CEO of Être Girls, helps girls figure out exactly who they want to be

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13. Authenticity & Presence on Social Media, with Mandi Relyea-Voss

Hosted by: Jenny Maenpaa | Category: Self-Improvement

Jenny’s guest is Amanda (Mandi) Relyea-Voss - social media manager and founder of Like A Voss Social Media. In this podcast, you’ll get advice on how to separate your personal and professional life on social, as well as how to be authentic and integrated simultaneously. Plus, you’ll hear how it’s possible to keep a positive presence online.

👋 Welcome, Mandi. 01:18
💄Red lipstick & zero F’s given. 02:30
😕 Are women apologizing too much? 02:48
😔 Intent vs. Impact: acknowledging our actions. 03:59
👑 Gain the confidence to like yourself the way you are. 05:26
❓ Feelings about the term ‘feminist’. 05:34
🛣 Embracing authenticity - a lifelong journey.  08:13
🍕 Our lizard brain: Gaining weight is a survival mechanism. 08:54
😴 Fight, flight or freeze - getting enough REM sleep. 10:04
👥 Becoming a social media manager.  12:19
📵 No filters! 16:50
📱 Are entrepreneurs allowed to take time off? 17:25
💻 Which social platform personality are you? 21:00
📷 Videos or photos: what’s more popular on social media? 23:34
🐶 The positive role pets play during the quarantine. 27:32
❤ Do you love your work every single day? 30:07
👍 How to align your values with what you do? 33:18
💬 Get in touch with Mandi and 35:12
Like A Voss:

12. Leading with your triumphs, not your trauma

Hosted by: Jenny Maenpaa | Category: Self-Improvement

Kierra Asnauskas, lifestyle design strategist and founder of Miss Unconventional, is committed to teaching ambitious women how to design their absolute best lives. Listen in as Jenny and Kierra discuss having uncomfortable conversations during these turbulent times, giving yourself permission to pivot on your personal journey, and how to get out of your own way!

😥 Falling down a rabbit hole of negativity on social. 01:18
❓ How much social media consumption is too much? 03:27
✋Consuming quality vs. quantity of content 5:44
👥 Protecting emotional and mental health when triggered. 06:04
😬 Why it's crucial to have uncomfortable conversations. 09:42
💪 Lead with your triumphs, not with trauma: how to find a balance. 11:15
🚢 Kierra’s journey - from having less than $1 to securing contracts worth over $100,000. 14:25
👸 Miss Unconventional University. 19:10
🔥 The meaning of Feminism and how it has changed over time for women of color. 21:18
👉 The defensiveness: what stops us from learning and moving forward? 25:12
💬 Follow Kierra and Miss Unconventional University. and 30:23

11. Embrace Your Sexuality and Shed Your Shame – with Leah Carey

Hosted by: Jenny Maenpaa | Category: Self-Improvement

Leah Carey, a sex and intimacy coach, helps her clients learn to embrace their sexuality no matter what that looks like. Jenny and Leah talk about a positive sex image, shedding shame about women’s sexuality, and how to communicate what you really want in the bedroom.

👋 Welcome, Leah! 01:18
💋 Polyamory explained. 03:47
👠 What does feminism mean to you? 06:46
🌟 Your social media life: The paradox of choosing how you show up. 08:00
✋ Boundaries and rules - understanding the foundational differences. 09:45
✊ Embracing the term “Feminist”, and intersectionality defined. 13:27
💅 When is feminism self-serving? 14:31
🤔 Intent vs. Impact - forgiveness and how we learn. 15:50.
🌈 Gender Identity: TURFS, exclusions, and trans - differing experiences. 17:06
💞 How does one become a sex & intimacy coach? 21:16
⛔  How to break the bad patterns from our childhood? 28:37
👑 Learn to love your body. 31:46
💏 Touch hunger or touch starvation: the importance of human touch. 34:07
💻  “COVID Confidential Behind the Closed Doors” YouTube video series. 38:08
💬 How to contact Leah: www.LeahCarey.com41:52
Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast
COVID Confidential Behind Closed Doors on YouTube
Private Facebook Group

10. Feminism, Online Dating, and Showing Up With Authenticity

Hosted by: Jenny Maenpaa | Category: Business

Jenny and Camila Arguello discuss online dating, feminism, and how to successfully present yourself to others. Camila, a mindset and alignment coach, is also a speaker and author of the book “Swipeable: Avoid The 8 Mistakes Men Make On Dating Apps & Discover What Women Actually Want.”

💻 Online dating during quarantine - yes or no? 01:18
📺 Dating taboos through time. 04:51
😳 The culture of shaming and online dating. 06:31
👌 How to make a great bio online? 08:05
💌 Take it or leave it approach? 12:01
💔 The fear of rejection. 14:08
🔑 The importance of sharing your life philosophies right at the beginning of the relationship. 15:44
💪 What does feminism mean to an immigrant woman of color? 19:09
💅 Stereotype of feminism through the decades. 21:41
📖 Swipeable - the inspiration for Camile’s book. 23:25
🔥 Training your mindset not to bend to things and finding what most aligns to you. 28:40
💵 How outsourcing can help you focus on what you’re good at. 34:18
☕ Love In A Cup: Little things that change the world 36:13
💬 Get in contact with Camila IG: @Camila_arri 39:25
📚Get the book:

09. Advancing Social Justice Using the Power of Sports, with Ogechi Akalegbere

Hosted by: Jenny Maenpaa | Category: Business

As a service coordinator, content creator, competitive powerlifter, and a personal trainer, Ogechi Akalegbere uses her platform to advance social justice issues in her community. She is a proponent of advocating that more women get involved in strength sports. Ogechi is passionate about encouraging women to break down all types of barriers - whether in the workplace or within their own communities. Listen in as Jenny and Ogechi discuss women in sports, women of color, the topic of intersectionality, and why feminism must be inclusive.

📝 Powerful introduction to FAF Episode 9. 01:18
😠 What is “White Privilege” and why are the riots occurring? 03:34
💡 The importance of educating oneself about social justice. 07:15
✊ The ability we possess to change perspectives and take action. 10:06
📚 Recommended resources. 11:13
👋 Welcome to Feminist AF Episode 9 with Ogechi Akalegbere. 16:16
💪 Strength training, confidence and independence. 17:13
👭 Exclusionary feminism. 19:56
👀 Embrace a change in your perspective. 23:03
😊 “Gradual Release of Responsibility” – what does it mean? 26:39
👥 Step up, step back, or stand beside: what is the right type of support? 29:13
🙌 Working with young people and challenging their perspectives. 32:42
✔ The steps of problem-solving. 37:21
💕 Passion for helping people: health, education, social justice. 38:55
☀ The true meaning of health, beauty and wellness. 39:54
💬 How to get in contact with Ogechi: @gechmeifyoucan 50:53

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