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    Welcome To SheLeads Media

My Cup of Tea

Hosted by: Adrienne Garland
Release Date: Feb 19, 2020
Episodes: 6 (View All)

About the Podcast

“My Cup of Tea is all about those things I love to talk about, read about, explore and do - by myself and with those that I like, love and admire.”
-Adrienne L. Garland

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Latest Episodes

Sugar Coated


12. Powerful and genuine conversations among women leaders – with Paulina Lopez, CEO & President of the Business of WE.
Host Name(s): Adrienne Garland

Adrienne talks to Paulina Lopez - CEO and President of The Business of WE - women entrepreneurs - about women leaders coming together in a collective way to enhance their leadership and influence, and to develop programs that offer true value. 👋 Meet Paulina Lopez 04:30 💗 Why kind, genuine conversation is the key 07:22 😓 Has your selflessness gone too far? 09:07 👭 The importance of creating offline connections 10:26 👍 How can women demonstrate that they are leaders? 14:57 👪 The power of collective energy 17:23 👩 Empowering women of color 20:33 😃 The supportive environment of the WE business community 22:49 😷 Women entrepreneurs and choices during Corona pandemic 26:05 🔥 Power pause: How to maintain high vibe energy 29:53 🌟 Faith over fear: focus on the good and tap into your creativity 33:02 💬 How to get in touch with Paulina: 33:55 💻 Virtual Mastermind on May 27 – don’t miss it! 34:32 🙋 Check out the SheLeads Podcast Network for more empowering podcasts! 35:54* *

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07. Feminism and Fully Embodying Our Unique Genius
Host Name(s): Jenny Maenpaa

Are you ready to level up your vibrations? This week, Jenny has Kiki Connects on the show to talk about the power of activating your unique genius, of having a tea party with your inner critic, and being the protagonist in your own life. 🙋Kiki Connects: Transformational Mentor and Shadow Play Coach 2:00 💗Who we are: divine love, compassion, abundance, and joy.4:02 😔Are you giving away your fullness? 4:35 👠Feminism and being on the same playing field. 5:25 💥Vulnerabilities and shadow sides: A pathway to our liberation. 6:34 🌞From corporate to high energy life 12:35 🙏Her own healing journey. 15:13 🧘Pandemic times: Breathe in and serve yourself 20:18 🌟Remember who you are and go inward. 23:29 🎨We are the artwork. 26:00 🔗 Divine love and compassion for the person you are: and @kikiconnects 29:20

Life After Corporate


12. From Boring to Brilliant
Host Name(s): Debra Boulanger

Business fundamentals series #3: How to message your business and stand out in a crowded market? How to get new prospects, charge, and sell your services? 👂Is your elevator pitch too slick? 1:08 🔥Why good advertising works. 4:34 😃Good marketers know how to make you feel. 5:11 📈3 steps to a unique position in your market. 8:37 🌟What is the problem that no one else is solvin? 10:35 🆕Speak what your ideal cilent is thinking. 11:01 🔑Key to success: Know your triggers. 12:39 🔗Connect: 📌Join: